80 bpm resting pulse

Is a 80 pulse rate too high? A heart rate of 80 beats per minute (or 13.3 beats every 10 seconds) is within the range considered normal for adults and children over ten.3

While within the normal adult range of 60 to 100, a 80 pulse is 17.6% quicker than the typical adult average of 73 bpm.

Your resting pulse will vary with age. Consult the table below to check how a 80 heart rate compares to others in your age range.

80 bpm Pulse Percentile by Age

Age Percentile for 80 resting pulse
Infant Top 1%
Extremely Low
1 year Top 1%
Extremely Low
2-3 years Top 2.5%
Very Low
4-5 years Top 25%
Lower Than Average
6-8 years Top 50%
9-11 years Top 50%
12-15 years Top 75%
16-19 years Top 75%
20-39 years Top 90%
Higher Than Average
40-59 years Top 90%
Higher Than Average
60-79 years Top 90%
Higher Than Average
80+ years Top 90%
Higher Than Average

Source Citations

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