59 bpm resting pulse

Is a 59 pulse too low? A resting heart rate of 59 beats per minute (or 9.8 beats every 10 seconds) is slower than the 60 to 100 bpm range considered normal for adults. A heart rate below 60 bpm for adults is a condition called bradycardia and is usually abnormal. However, in the case of well-trained athletes a 59 pulse may be normal as heart rates as low as 40 bpm are considered regular for those in top physical condition. 1

59 beats per minute resting is 13.2% slower than the typical adult average of 73 bpm for both sexes.

Your resting pulse will vary with age. Consult the table below to check how a 59 heart rate compares to others in your age range.

59 bpm Pulse Percentile by Age

Age Percentile for 59 resting pulse
Infant Top 1%
Extremely Low
1 year Top 1%
Extremely Low
2-3 years Top 1%
Extremely Low
4-5 years Top 1%
Extremely Low
6-8 years Top 1%
Extremely Low
9-11 years Top 2.5%
Very Low
12-15 years Top 10%
16-19 years Top 25%
20-39 years Top 25%
40-59 years Top 25%
60-79 years Top 25%
80+ years Top 25%

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