Normal weight for 18 year olds (lbs)

The average weight for 18 year old teenage boys is 148.3 lbs and 18 year old teenage girls average 124 lbs1 The tables below show the distribution of weight by percentile of the 18 year year old population.

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As teenagers transition into young adults at the age of 18, their bodies reach their peak physical development. The average weight for an 18-year-old generally falls around 148 lbs for boys and 124 lbs for girls based on CDC growth charts1. It's important to remember that young adults may continue to experience variations in weight depending on their lifestyle choices and genetics. Encouraging positive body image and promoting overall health through balanced eating and regular exercise can contribute to their well-being in this crucial life stage.

Body weight percentile table for 18 year old teenage boys

Percentile Weight
3rd 114 lbs
5th 117.3 lbs
10th 123 lbs
25th 133.8 lbs
50th 148.3 lbs
75th 166.6 lbs
90th 187.6 lbs
95th 202.9 lbs
97th 214.4 lbs

Body weight percentile table for 18 year old teenage girls

Percentile Weight
3rd 97.5 lbs
5th 100 lbs
10th 104.1 lbs
25th 112.3 lbs
50th 124 lbs
75th 139.9 lbs
90th 160.6 lbs
95th 178 lbs
97th 192.8 lbs

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