Normal weight for 14 year olds (kg)

The average weight for 14 year old teenage boys is 51.2 kg and 14 year old teenage girls average 49.5 kg1 The tables below show the distribution of weight by percentile of the 14 year year old population.

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At the age of 14, teenagers continue to experience growth and development at varying rates. The average weight for a 14-year-old typically ranges from 51 kg for boys and 49 kg for girls based on CDC growth charts1. During this time, adolescents may become more conscious of their body image, making it essential to promote a healthy perspective on weight and appearance. Encouraging balanced nutrition and regular exercise can support their growth and overall health.

Body weight percentile table for 14 year old teenage boys

Percentile Weight
3rd 37.1 kg
5th 38.5 kg
10th 40.8 kg
25th 45.3 kg
50th 51.2 kg
75th 58.6 kg
90th 66.8 kg
95th 72.7 kg
97th 77 kg

Body weight percentile table for 14 year old teenage girls

Percentile Weight
3rd 36.7 kg
5th 37.9 kg
10th 40 kg
25th 43.9 kg
50th 49.5 kg
75th 56.8 kg
90th 65.6 kg
95th 72.4 kg
97th 77.7 kg

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