Normal weight for 13 year olds

The average weight for 13 year old teenage boys is 101 lbs and 13 year old teenage girls average 101.4 lbs1 The tables below show the distribution of weight by percentile of the 13 year year old population.

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13 year old girls under 76 lbs or over 135 lbs and 13 year old boys who weigh less than 75 lbs or more than 133 lbs may want to consult a doctor. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children who's weight is outside the 5th or 85th percentiles seek professional advice to determine if further evaluation is needed2.

Body weight percentile chart for 13 year old teenage boys
Percentile Weight
3rd 72.7 lbs
5th 75.4 lbs
10th 80.1 lbs
25th 89 lbs
50th 101 lbs
75th 116.1 lbs
90th 133.3 lbs
95th 145.7 lbs
97th 154.9 lbs
Body weight percentile chart for 13 year old teenage girls
Percentile Weight
3rd 73.6 lbs
5th 76.3 lbs
10th 80.7 lbs
25th 89.4 lbs
50th 101.4 lbs
75th 116.8 lbs
90th 135.2 lbs
95th 149 lbs
97th 159.6 lbs

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